Lefkada is one of the seven Ionian Islands with unique natural beauty. The white wild rocks of the southern cape of Lefkata, gave the name to the island. The ancient name of the cape was “Lefkas Petra” or “Lefkas Akra”.

Traces of humanity start in the paleolithic era. Since 7th century Lefkada, initially as a Corinthian colony takes part in various battles as the Peloponnesian War, the naval battle of Salamina and the expedition of Alexander the Great. For many years became colony of Romans, Ottomans, Venetians, French, British until finally becomes part of the Continental Greece with the rest of Ionian Islands in 1864.

Lefkada is an island with wide spiritual tradition.Here were born many poets and artists with national recognition and international fame as Aristotelis Valaoritis, Aggelos Sikelianos, Lefkadios Hern, Theodore Stamos, Agnes Baltsa and many others.

Lefkadians main occupation for living was agriculture. Lefkada produced famous wine, which was exported in Europe by the Venetians. Plinios the senior (23-79 a.C) and Athineos ( writer of Deipnosophistae, 160-250 a.C) referred the famous Lefkadian wine.

The Lefkadian needlework, existing till nowadays, are known in whole Greece and abroad as a great sample of special technique and exceptional artistry.

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